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Document Object Model

The class used mainly creates an IPdfDocument object, so that you have a representation of Pdf document in memory. It also work as a container for all kind of other ???Factory class. Such as factory used to create IPdfBrush, IPdfBitmap, etc.
The interface represent a Pdf document object, by using this, you can manage the Pdf document's internal object, such as attachments, outlines, pages. You can see this as an entry for the interior objects of documents. The most usage of this object is to act as parent of pages you want to add to Pdf document. Also, don't forget all actions are happened in memory, until you actually SAVE it onto disk, or stream. It is recommended to always close it after save.
This interface represents a Pdf page existing in a Pdf document. Note an IPdfPage object being created always belongs to an IPdfDocument object, it cannot exist by itself. That's the reason we create it by using IPdfDocument.Pages.AddNew() method. Graphics property (which returns IPdfGraphics attached to IPdfPage) is the most important property of the IPdfPage, this is the canvas which all kind of elements (text, images, shapes etc) printed on.Also, there's Layers property (which returns a collection of IPdfPageLayer), the concept layer here is similar to layer in Photoshop, it's a transparent canvas covered on current graphics object. You may choose to add a new layer to print more elements onto current pdf page.
This interface represents a table object that able to render a table onto Pdf page. It is created by PdfShapefactory which attached to PdfDocumentBuilder object. It accepts a data source such as DataTable, and then renders this 2-dimension data struct onto page. You can also set a few style options to tweak the output result, such as allow header to be rendered on each page if table was across multiple pages.
The interface represents a list object that able to render unordered list or ordered list onto Pdf page. It is also created by PdfDocumentBuilder.ShapeFactory. Each list can have sub list, which will render under its parent list, indented. The result is just like <OL> or <UL> tags in HTML.

This is a helper class that provides a set of operation on manipulating Pdf document. Used to split/extract/insert/append/merge Pdf document pages. More details in section “Working With PdfDocumentEditor Class”.